About True North


The Center for True North® is an organization offering programs, services and products that promote authenticity, soulful self-expression, fulfillment and freedom. True North’s offerings encourage and inspire each participant to live the life they dream of; the live they are destined to live.


True North® is located on the vortex rich second mesa of the Kolob Plateau section of Zion National Park in southern Utah. The Kolob Plateau is the intersection point between the Mojave Desert Plateau and the Colorado Plateau, affording Kolob the unique climate and stunning marriage of the geological landscape of the high desert and mountains.

This secluded setting is surrounded by stunning red rock monuments, seasonal waterfalls, ancestral caves, superb hiking trails, herds of cattle grazing green pastures, horses basking in the afternoon sun of a vermillion backdrop, and deer & elk meandering along the sloping Cedar, Pinon & Ponderosa Pine, and Utah Juniper hillsides. Under a painted sky at 6000-feet elevation, fragrant varieties of sagebrush and high desert wildflowers abound, with Kolob Reservoir to the north, Virgin River to the south, and North Fork Creek to the east, this top of the world quiet is unparalleled.

About Our Name

"True North" is the geographic northernmost point on the planet and this point is not the same as north on a conventional compass.  Conventional compass north is aligned with the magnetic north pole, but geographic true north is the actual top of the world.  In fact, the closer you are to geographic true north, the less accurate a magnetic north compass reading becomes.  Consequently, reaching the top of the world true north requires sensitively tuned and responsive tools.

For us, "true north” is a path of personal discovery in which we direct our lives in accordance with an authentic inner compass .  Our programs, services and products help tune our client’s authentic inner compass so they can reach their top of the world true north and live the they dream of, the life they are destined to live.

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