Mariangela Pino Landau the founder and co-director of The Center for True North, is a intuitive mystic, ritual and ceremonial facilitator, metaphysical minister, author and poet.  She earned a BA in Communications at Temple University, an MFA in Performance Art at UC San Diego, has studied and received accreditation from Unity Church, the Lyran/Causal Millennium Institute and Church of Religious Science and holds honorary Doctor of Divinity and Doctor of Metaphysics certificates.  She has been facilitating workshop gatherings as well as ritual and ceremonial events for the past twenty years.

In addition to designing and facilitating True North’s® programs and services with her husband Hank, Mariangela is the author of True North Transmissions®.  True North Transmissions® Volume One entitled SPIRITUAL ADULTHOOD® ~ GATEWAY TO FREEDOM ~ is now available. She has also created and produced three Meditative Journey CD’s entitled A Journey into Cosmic Heart Communion Chamber, Experiencing Your Cosmic Identity and Communing With Your Celestial Council all of which function either as companions to or independent of True North Transmissions® .  Mariangela also conducts one-on-one Soulfire Spirit Sessions, presents material and offers teleconference gatherings and workshops  in a variety of venues throughout the year.

She has also authored five books of poetry, Eighteen Days of Rain, Through the Cracks, Nothing Wrong With Me, So Much to Say & What If, which will be in available print in late 2011.

Mariangela describes “true north” as signifying an innate desire to direct one’s life in accordance with an authentic inner compass. For her, true north is not a path with an exact measurement or definite destination but rather a path of personal discovery and integration, a place where ideas, concepts and insights can intersect without invalidating one another.

Mariangela lives with her partner and husband, Hank, and their two canine and three feline celestial companions on the vortex-rich second mesa of Zion National Park’s Kolob Plateau surrounded by stunning red rock monuments, seasonal waterfalls, ancestral caves and sloping hillsides stippled with varieties of sage brush and desert wildflowers and garlanded by pinon and ponderosa pine, cedar and Utah juniper trees.