I want to thank you for a life changing session.  It was like a years worth of therapy in one session. Mariangela's intuitive skills blew me away as did her innovative thinking and profound wisdom. I felt loved and secure as she guided me through a very difficult process. The surroundings are breathtaking also, a healer in their own right.

~ V.L., Utah; Singer/Songwriter

Through the Soulfire Spirit Sessions I have had with Mariangela, I have experienced a deep, healing connection with my father who passed away several years ago. I have also been a part of different gatherings facilitated by Mariangela, which included instruction, mystical discourse, rituals and ceremonies, and found them to be enlightening and meaningful. One of the things I especially love about Mariangela's approach is that she is conscious about giving all who are with her at a round table discussion the opportunity to share equally. She has a unique connection with the universe, bringing her information and insights that are profound and beneficial to life at this time.

~ J.A., San Diego, CA; Celebrant/Coach

Our family has had Soulfire Spirit Sessions with Mariangela and had some beautiful spiritual insights come out of those sessions. They have helped to put us at peace or to move us forward with peace. Our family has never been stronger or had a stronger spiritual sense since we began working in the different programs and services offered at The Center for True North.

~ M.P.R., Virgin, Utah; Realtor/Community Designer

Through Mariangela and Hank's encouragement, Soulfire Spirit Sessions and participating in the Mystical Summits, I have found the courage and direction to step into my True North. The love and devotion they share in helping others find their own paths is testament to the greatness of their spirits.

~ D.S., Los Angeles, CA; CPA/Business Consultant

From the moment I walked in the doors at True North something inside me seemed to say, ‘This is important - pay attention.’ The times I have visited Mariangela and received readings from her have been pivotal to the course of my life, and through her work she has helped to facilitate an ease and grace in these transitions. Mariangela is able to allow the divine to flow through her clearly and with a great generosity of spirit. The power of Mariangela's work and the incredible healing energy of True North have continually helped me to experience my true self.
~ D.T., Utah; Musician/Songwriter

I’ve participated in various True North programs and have delighted in the incredibly illuminating, uplifting and sacred experiences I’ve had. True North, which is surrounded by vistas that hold you in a profound embrace, is a place to become still and reflective, to feel the ancient pulses of knowing, a place to cast off the debris that drags one down, and a place to remember our oneness. I emerge from my True North experiences with a sense of newness and sustainable openness to “follow my bliss".

~ GC, Pasadena, CA ~ Child Care Coordinator/Potter