The Center for True North® presents:

Spiritual Adulthood®

~Gateway to Freedom~

Mariangela's new book, SPIRITUAL ADULTHOOD® ~Gateway to Freedom~ is now available.

SPIRITUAL_ADULT_COVER_195X300SPIRITUAL ADULTHOOD ~Gateway to Freedom~ addresses our desire for deep personal authenticity regarding who we are and why we are here.  It inspires, invites and engages us to live lives of significance, freedom and bliss.

SPIRITUAL ADULTHOOD verifies that “we have spent lifetimes meandering about oblivious to our true identity and clueless about our significant place and purpose often feeling starved for a clear experience of truth and a palpable connection to our authentic essence selves and to all of creation.”  This work encourages us “to embrace our significance and step up to our incalculable co-creative opportunities.”

In SPIRITUAL ADULTHOOD Mariangela reminds us that “we are encoded to graduate spiritually and that this encoding predates all emotional, societal, psycho-spiritual and religious grids.”

Mariangela further explains that “the truths encoded in us are so powerful they’ll reorganize every part of our being”…and that “as these codes are activated, we begin to reclaim our essence and experience quantum, full-spectrum transformation.”

In addition, she unflinchingly affirms that “the movement through the gateway to freedom is our evolutionary destiny.  This destiny comprises our highest and boldest form of self-expression as well as our right to experience co-creative fulfillment and bliss.  As we allow any chains that have bound us to dissolve, we become liberated, spiritually adult broadcasters of our cosmic heritage.”

In SPIRITUAL ADULTHOOD Mariangela entreats us to:

  • Reclaim our essence identity.
  • Discover the four spiritual adulthood passkeys.
  • Take extraordinary steps in the direction of dismantling the historical paradigm.
  • Fully embrace our spiritual significance and profound purpose.

She reminds us that “as spiritual alchemists that convert the dross within us into gold, we are destined to become the living, breathing embodiment of authenticity, freedom and celebration; the archetypes of a new earth reality.”


  • Mariangela_Head_Shot_200x200Her communication style breaks through the normal defenses that encumber all of us from reaching the real transformation we all long for.
  • It empowers the spiritual window-shoppers to choose a viable path.
  • She explains why we are born with the veil and how to remove it forever.
  • She offers tangible freedom for those trapped in spiritual prisons.
  • She challenges New Age tenets stating, “we threw off the shackles of sin, dressed it in eastern attire and re-named it karma”.
  • She states that authenticity is the highest spiritual principal.
  • She offers real solutions.
  • She serves up her offerings with clarity, passion, a deep authentic wisdom and sensitivity.


“What a gem! What a bit of mastery! I learned a lot. I loved everything: the content, the cover and the illustrations, I am going to tell so many people to buy this book because they need it.”

Stephanie Jourdan PhD. ~ Archetypal Astrologer/Hypnotherapist


I just finished the book and I have one word for it....brilliant.  I am so impressed with Mariangela’s writing style and choice of words and I am a tough critic because I am such a voracious reader of spiritual and personal growth books. It is a beautiful representation of her attainment of ‘Spiritual Adulthood’.

J.L. Ashmore ~ Coach & Spiritual Celebrant


“I came home and opened the first volume of True North Transmissions, and it shimmered so in my hands that wanted to put on white robes and sit in a very sacred place to 'receive' this gift.  While reading it, I found myself in a hallowed space, awed by the amazing flow.”

Gloria Rose ~ Retired Principal /Children’ Disaster Services  administrator


“I’m impressed and moved by the clarity, the grounded, helpful manner in which she provides context and the depth and power of the information. To Mariangela: “Thank you for walking your path so courageously and offering yourself so completely that this work was able to come through.”

D.T.~ Artist, Singer/Songwriter


“I am in awe at Part 1 of the series.... I am honored to print this article and spread it far and wide so that others may be touched by these words. Well done, Mariangela!”

You are a brave writer who continues to blaze a trail toward collective authenticity.”

Tim Miejan ~ Editor of The Edge Magazine


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